UPDATE: January 2012

Wow! This site has been up since Oct 2010 and it is crazy to see how many other people were conned by Yeves Perez. So sad.

Here’s a comment that was just posted today:

I built the original Eco Investment Club website as a “Partner” with Yeves.

PARTNER mean’t “do all the work, while I get paid” ..

Yeves promised the moon and at one point was given 10K which he did not share with me, but used for his wedding. Multiple times I asked for my share and never got it. Times were tough then and it would have gone a long way. Lots of promises, no action ever taken to repay me.

I shut the site down shortly after my last demand for payment and considered it done.

I finally told him I never wanted to run into him again and suggested he not cross my path.

To this day I have received nothing other than promises, know nothing is coming, and that I was played by a con. I know better. Lesson learned.

All this court and conviction info here was a HUGE surprise. (and I’m not unhappy.)

By the way.. if any wants to be the proud owner of EcoInvestmentClub.com, it can be had for a song. ;)

I still love green, but Yeves stained it a bit for me.

…..As for myself, I’ve made it a resolution to move on and not get distracted by this type of negative energy. However, the site WILL stay up, especially since I have had numerous individuals reach out to me and thank me for the site since they were about to do business with him but came across these stern warnings first. Luckily all you have to do is Google his name and this site pops right up.



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