Melodie’s Story

I am sad to read all of these stories about Yeves Perez being a con artist. I recently was scammed by him into participating in a fake Instagram contest to gain publicity for his company, Big Bike Group. He used me for my time and connects to positively promote his business. Little did I know I was promoting a scam so I feel compelled to share my experience with anyone who many come into contact with him. He has no conscience whatsoever about stealing your money and wasting your time. He will compulsively lie in any situation. He agreed to meet up with me on 3 separate occasions and then came up with lies each time to cancel, then he eventually stopped responding to me at all..

After getting scammed by him, I recalled a colleague telling me a few years ago about a man to stole money from her friend and embezzled even more money. I put the pieces together and realized, it was the same Yeves Perez that scammed my colleagues’ friend.

I then came across this article: Embezzlement of SASC Funds by Yeves Perez

I also discovered this site with dozens of others who have been scammed by him. It looks like he fell off the radar for a bit but now is right back at it, scamming his way into winning an AMA Amys Award for someone elses’ work he submitted!

To anyone who comes across Perez, I hope you do a Google search on him, find this site and save your time and money!

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