June 2013: He’s Back At the Con Game!

So I get a call a few days ago from a friend and local San Diego business owner telling me that Mr. Yeves Perez is at it again, conning local San Diego business people. Terrific. Looks like he won an San Diego AMY award for SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK! HERE IS THE FULL STORY!

Back in Oct 2012, I actually let the blog and domain name expire since I was too busy with my own ventures but after that phone call it only took me a bit to get the site back up-and-running and it will be up INDEFINITELY, that’s for sure.

Looks like he is definitely back at the game. If you happen to know anyone who is following him or commenting on his posts in the social media world, you might want to make sure they know what he is REALLY about……



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