Josh’s Story

I can’t believe I just learned about this blog and extensive issue with Yeves. I was scammed by him back in 2008-09, when he was just launching Eco Investment Club. He got me involved to help with his communications, web content, making a podcast, keynote speaking at the meetings, etc. Basically, he never paid. So I stopped working until I got paid. After months and many email exchanges, unreturned calls, etc, we worked out a “payment plan.” He did pay the first $200 of the approximately $1800 he owed me, but that was it. He just dragged me along after that until I finally just gave up. I threatened to sue, but realized the hassle wasn’t worth it, though now it might be. I figured I’m better off having this scammer out of my life than pursuing him so aggressively. At this point, I want to go back after him. I have a bunch of emails from him, basically saying the same thing this forum says. At least I know I wasn’t alone.

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