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I am a local entrepreneur that owns my own marketing consulting business and I worked with Yeves on 2 events and created the content for the social media campaigns for these events that were successful due to my content development and strategy. I created and developed the social media campaign for his most recent client, a local Chef/Restaurant Owner, and successfully marketed and promoted his last 2 pop-up dinners (April and May 2013) which catapulted ticket sales (his client personally thanked me and recognized me for my hard work, there is even a LinkedIn recommendation given to me by the chef to prove it) Yeves was extremely late in payment for my services for that campaign and another event I co-organized with him back in September 2012. I also brought in sponsors and sponsorship dollars for this particular event promoting the Chevy Volt. He was very unprofessional in his mannerisms for both of these campaigns. In addition, Yeves recently ran an Instagram photo contest promoting an event he organized a month ago and he still has not given the prize to the winner as promised. I feel that he purposely ran this contest with the intentions of scamming the contestants for free marketing and promotion for his company and the event. There have been other vendors that have not been paid for their services that I managed and Yeves refuses to pay them. Yeves does not have a business website for Big Bike Group and there is NO activity on his Facebook business page. Hmmm, this is someone who claims to be a social media expert.

Yeves is making a mockery of our industry and taking advantage of good, hard-working, honest professionals. It is also a shock and a shame that he recently won an award for Best Ad Agency at the 2013 AMA AMY awards ceremony by submitting my work and taking the credit for it. I have not received any recognition or credit for my contributions that led him to winning this award. I can’t sit back and watch him scam and con innocent people any longer.

Inga Intriago
Marketing Intrigue


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