Bob’s Story

I built the original Eco Investment Club website as a “Partner” with Yeves.

PARTNER mean’t “do all the work, while I get paid” ..

Yeves promised the moon and at one point was given 10K which he did not share with me, but used for his wedding. Multiple times I asked for my share and never got it. Times were tough then and it would have gone a long way. Lots of promises, no action ever taken to repay me.

I shut the site down shortly after my last demand for payment and considered it done.

I finally told him I never wanted to run into him again and suggested he not cross my path.

To this day I have received nothing other than promises, know nothing is coming, and that I was played by a con. I know better. Lesson learned.

All this court and conviction info here was a HUGE surprise. (and I’m not unhappy.)

By the way.. if any wants to be the proud owner of, it can be had for a song. ;)

I still love green, but Yeves stained it a bit for me.

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