The Real Yeves Perez

Green Investment Club San DiegoA friend of mine joked and said that Yeves Perez might be a “Mini-Madoff” (Bernie Madoff) and I am now beginning to think that could be a possibility……..

***Have you been victimized by this con artist? Be sure to tell your story below in the comments. Someone needs to stop this guy ASAP!***

CLICK FOR MOST RECENT UPDATE: June 2013: He’s Back At the Con Game

Also, looks like he is on to a new scam: Chevy Volt Sales Trainer and also w0rking on “BigBike”.

October 2010

All of us have lessons to learn, that’s what life is all about. In May of 2010, I loaned a large amount of money to a friend/business colleague, and it taught me a lesson that was hard to swallow. Now, I chalked it up to a bad business/personal decision and moved on (I could not afford to waste anymore time dealing with his stories and blatant lies why he was unable to pay me back), UNTIL I came across other people in the business community that have been conned by the same individual. This is something that I could not just sit back and watch, as I feel it is bound to keep happening to other innocent, unsuspecting people.

His first company that he supposedly started back in 2003 on Myspace, no less, ( is now just a broken link: I have colleagues that actually paid dues to be a member of this “Investment Club”, yet never gained any benefits what-so-ever.

Here is a quote from someone who checked out one of the meetings, and has also had to deal with him in a bad business transaction:

The “Eco Investment Club” is a joke. That’s how I met Yeves, at one of the meetings. I was pretty enchanted by the concept, being at the launch of a green business at the time, but quickly learned that there were no investments happening there, just talk. Still, I put faith in Yeves because he seemed so passionate – and I believe he is still. I think he has such a tunnel vision of growing his business that he isn’t careful about who he stomps on along the way, and doesn’t realize that what he’s doing ISN’T WORKING. If you are having to borrow money from colleagues, (especially being the “CEO” of an “investment club”), maybe it’s time to re-think strategy. -Local San Diego Business Owner

Yeves Perez was then the CEO and the “Face” of an exciting, new co-working and flex-space campus in San Diego designed to provide green entrepreneurs with a unique professional space to collaborate, grow and thrive. As an incubator for small green businesses, they anticipate playing an important role furthering San Diego’s position as a center for cleantech, water conservation, green building, and other sectors. I don’t want to mention the exact name since they have completely severed ties with Mr. Yeves Perez and are trying to recover from all of the damage he has caused in the past year with this new venture. It is an amazing concept and I am so very glad that they are able to move on and enjoy the success that they deserve. Yeves went long enough posing as this organization sole leader and Founder, only to find out that there are three brilliant guys behind the scenes that came up with the venture and funded everything.

***UPDATE: He “resigned” as CEO as of Mid-Feb after being arrested on Feb 16th, 2011 for the embezzlement charges.

As for the HARD FACTS…


Yeves Perez was not just a business friend of mine, but a personal friend, so when he had asked to borrow a large amount of money (thousands) back on May 1st, I had full confidence that he would pay me back within three weeks, like he promised. (Looking back, it should have been suspicious that he called me the EXACT day I closed escrow on selling my company, I did not even have the money wired into my account yet!) He said he needed it for moving expenses for his new home that he was moving into that week and also for payroll (he only has one employee on his payroll that I am aware of).

So a full month went by and not a single payment or call from Yeves. When I finally reached out to call him the excuses started coming (and never stopped). To be honest, it became quite humorous to see if he was able to keep coming up with excuse-after-excuse for 45 days straight, as you will see in the following text messages. I even offered to let him make payments, but no response to that. Nearly 6 months later, and despite involving a lawyer and a collection agency, I have yet to see a single penny!!

Here is a link to the ACTUAL text messages (there were phone calls in between some of these):

…..I turned him into a collection agency on Aug. 10th. He has yet to pay A DIME, but at least I know it will be reported on his credit.


I recently came into contact with someone who had a similarly negative experience with Yeves Perez and she agreed to share her story. She is a local green designer who entrusted him with multiple items from her product line, with the promise of being paid via Paypal. After several attempts to collect the money, she was also bombarded with a long list of excuses as to why he was unable to pay her the $150 he owed this struggling business owner and single mom.

Among his excuses for taking about two months to fulfill his obligation to pay for the products he purchased were the following (real exchanges from Yeves Perez – name has been changed for designer’s protection):

Gosh, my debt with him was much higher, but maybe if I was more persistent, I would have seen results. I am an overall nice person, so I know he had NO INTENTION of paying me back from the very start! How could he lie to my face when I handed him the check? How could he actually sign something say he was to pay me back?

I’ve been so blessed with huge amounts of business success here in San Diego and I can honestly say that I worked my A** off for it and did not need to step on anyone on the way up. I truly believe in karma and that is the main reason I backed off quickly but again, I just cannot hear any more stories of how he is taking advantage and stepping on everyone here in our business community.



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  1. Yevez aka Yeves Perez Victim too -Business Section story says:

    march 2015
    After a felony conviction for the SASC embezzlement described here, and all of the things done to me and others here, I was stunned to see he was the cover story in the San Diego Union Tribune Business as some sort of green marketing guru. Can’t add pics here but look at Monday’s paper, 3/16/15. Looks like he hustled the UT too. More victims to come, I bet. Can’t find the link now but it’s in the paper. Check it out.

  2. I love what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.

    • Jay Fischer says:

      I am the former brother in law to this phoney! I knew he was a fraud the first day I met him. I am a small business owner and know what it takes to run a green business and I can tell you this guy is nothing more the a bullshit artist! He has never held a job for as long as I have known him. When they were living here in NJ, he was mooching off my sister then! I offered him a job. He could pick the days/hours of his choosing. I just wanted him to contribute to helping my sister who was working two jobs at the time. He refused and I lost any & all respect I had for him. He has taken every penny my sister ever had, he caused major problems within my family and he is the Webster’s definition of pathological liar! My wife & her sister flew to CA to help my sister after the second baby was born. Every morning Yeves got dressed in a shirt and tie and left to go to “work”. He would come home at supper time and straight up lie about being at a paying job! Later that year, I started to suspect that he didn’t have a job at that time so I called his supposed employers only to realize my suspicions were true! None of the “jobs” he had ever heard of Yeves Peres! I feel bad for any and all of you that got involved with him personally or professionally. The real shame of what he is, is that my sister has two beautiful children with this bum. To this day, he has not contributed a dime to help raise those children. I’m not saying my sister is perfect, but he has made her a single mom trying to raise two kids on her own with NO financial assistance and yet he claims to be “A Great Father” if you read any of his blogging crap! I got news for you Yeves, a great father does not drink Starbucks, go to fancy dinners, wear fancy clothes to go to a fake job and not help pay for his children! A real father works a job or multiple jobs and does what he has to do to support his children! Your nothing but a punk in designer shoes! Stop the bullshit, get a job and support your children! I am flying to San Diego soon on business…. maybe I will see you at Starbucks….

      • Lisa says:

        Hi Jay,
        This is your sister’s good friend , Lisa. I couldn’t have said this any better than you have. From the first time I met Yeves years ago when your sis lived up in Highland Lakes, I knew as did your sis’s other friends that this guy was totally full of shit. He wouldn’t know what hard work was if it jumped up and choked him. I personally tolerated him and the rest of his scummy family because your sis seemed happy. The stories I could tell go on but I think you know them all. I remember a sad day a couple of years ago when your sis called me early on a Sunday morning and was in tears because she was behind on her daycare bill and was about to have the water shut off at home. I paid her water bill and overnighted money to the daycare so the kids could go back to daycare the next morning. where was Yeves through all of this? He was sleeping. Your sis finally caught on and ditched this scumbag for good. I know she has it tough but I know she would work 3 jobs to take care of those 2 beautiful kids. They will grow up and see him for what he is. The only job Yeves has ever had was scamming people. What comes around goes around and his day will come. So glad she has ditched that pile of garbage and moved on.. He is a punk but in fake designer shoes….

  3. Well, looks like is a non-starter and DOA. It’s a good concept. Someone should steal it and make it work.

  4. Amused says:

    Heh. This is just too good. It’s like he’s a sociopath but he’s not intelligent enough to actually lie well, and now he’s paying. Here’s a juicy bit of gossip I heard, pretty scandalous:

    So Yeves and his wife split. He lied to her all the time, too. Things eventually came out when she found out their house was being taken away because their mortgage hadn’t been paid in months. Yeves had been lying to her about that as well-and get this-HE PAWNED HER GRANDMOTHERS WEDDING RING TO PAY FOR IT. He hadn’t been making any of the money that he claimed to have made, for months. Really a shame-they have two beautiful kids.

    If he was smarter I’d respect him and he’d probably go really far. But really this guy is an idiot. All he has going for him is charisma and now that his reputation is ruined he’ll have to either move or find more suitable work-perhaps flipping burgers.

  5. Yeves posted a new Blogpost last night about being bullied. Make your own judgements.

    • Jacob Hammerstein says:

      Yeves – since I’m sure your sociopathic self reads this – how did an electric bike entrusted to you get “stolen”..? Or did you sell it? Did you produce the youtube ad for the company like you promised? Bullied – geez – take your diaper off an put your big boy pants on. Bullied is the new “poor me” and to claim someone cyberbullied you is a complete sign of weakness. How anyone could pay attention to what someone Tweets is hilarious. You’re a juvenile, con artist and self absorbed sociopath. Dilutional.actually.

      Make good on your debts without ripping off others to do it and maybe someone will believe you have good intentions.

      You’re on probation for theft so it’s hard to believe your heart is in the right place. God help you if the people looking for you find you before the cops do.

    • Lol!!! Haha! That’s all I can say. He thinks it’s acceptable what he’s doing to people. Wow!

    • Helping Warn Others says:

      OMG, his cheesy blog post made me want to puke. I’m just wondering who is proof-reading his posts since we all know he cannot spell or write a correct sentence??!!

      He is absolutely a piece of work and I am thrilled that the Reader did that article.

      HEY YEVES: You are all about getting public recognition for your work and now look, you landed in The San Diego Reader!!! Congrats!

  6. Anybody know how long he is on probation for and what the conditions of that probation are?

  7. So I was doing some searching to find his new address and found this one. Does anybody know if this is an old address or a new one?

    4542 Ruffner Street, Suite 170
    San Diego, CA, United States 92111

  8. Briana Taylor says:

    We have our own court date to deal with grievances with this man pretty soon. We’ll tell you how it goes. I’m sure none of us will see a red cent, but I’d love to see him in handcuffs all the same.

    • nateritter says:

      Please share what the court date is for. Civil, criminal? When and where? I’d love to be there if I can, even if just for moral support.

    • Jacob Hammerstein says:

      Everyone who has been scammed by Perez needs to call his probation officer as suggested. She is out ot the Ohio Street office. The squeaky wheel gets the grease – or maybe some jail time. Be proactive, file criminal cases, go to small claims court, file liens against his person at the county assessor.

      Complaining about him hasn’t stopped him. DO SOMETHING about it.

      Thank you for starting this blog but now it’s time to act.

  9. ramifications says:

    I met Yeves through a friend. We talked shop about green business, San Diego, technology, food, events, etc. He was over the top from the beginning but I saw through his incessant rambling. I knew he was shady but thought there might be an opportunity here. I thought I would be cautious and see where this goes, maybe there was enough good in him to make it worth a shot. I was so wrong.

    We pitched a conference that was in town. The deal was I would lend him some money to secure an office. (The money I lent him vanished when he was evicted from our office. I lost a table as well because the sheriff seized the space.) When we get the client I get that money back, with a return. He pitched them some crazy idea and asked for 25K. They had no idea what he was talking about. I should have bailed then. Regardless, I coached him through what they did want and we were able to get a contract. We started work on the conference and he relied completely on my abilities and experience. All he did was talk about this influencer (people he has worked with in the past, name dropping, etc). In the end he did jack shit. As part of the experience I recommended a friend to do some printing for Yeves. My friend was left holding the bill for all the work he did. Yeves held a instagram contest and told people they could win an ipad. I do not believe there was winner selected, or a ipad given to them. He did everything wrong. He also stiffed another person during this episode. An individual who had done graphics design and photography. It was truly sad to hear that ALL of these people had been burned and that there was no effort to rectify the situation from Yeves.

    As for me, I generated in a nice amount of revenue for the conference. It was to be split between Yeves and I. The conference manager asked me who to write the check out to, looking back I wish I had said to me, because I would have paid myself and paid Yeves. All would have been ok, we both would have made money. But NO, Yeves kept it all. He kept it all leaving a trail of debt. He received a check from the company and never paid me a cent. First he said it was going to take days to clear, then it was, “I co-mingled moneys and need to do some accounting”, then he started feeding me lies about bank mix ups, a loan agency and their errors, family issues, emergencies, potential deals with the owner of the Pearl, new client work, you name it… Always a story… always dodging the issue. As time went on I asked for a plan, something to show that he wasn’t just going to walk. He told me about his new campaign – this SurprizeMePlz – thing. Told me he would get me a couple hundred bucks a week. It never happened. In the end, he had no intention of paying me at any time, most likely from the very beginning.

    He fed me lies about the work he was bringing in, the people he knew and worked with and probably everything else. I met with people he worked with and there were grumblings, but no one was saying “DON’T WORK WITH HIM” probably because he owed them something. It is almost like a reverse blackmail. He would talk about people with strong reputations in town as if they were friends. Ones others look up to were part of his web of lies and deceit. I have little doubt he used my name to bring other people into his trap.

    I had done a search for his name in Google but did not come up with anything bad the first time around. Later when I heard it was out there, I found the facebook post about his embezzlement with an environmental group. Then a little bit later I found about this site. I truly wish I had heard more, sooner. It really bothers me that there are good people out there trying to do good work, be a small business owner, an artist, and others, that he is raping. Because of this I am making it a point to do what I can so that others know the TRUTH. If you see him, speak this truth, let him and others around him know he is not welcome. Don’t just be silent.

    I will be following others path by filing a claim and charges (if possible) against him. Unfortunately, it seems that has little effect and most people do not get justice or their money back. To those who are currently doing business with him. I can understand your decision. He presents himself in a way that you know he is bad, but you think he is just good enough to make some money with… I’m telling you he is going to screw you in the end. Myself and others on this site, will say the same thing.

    I hope that Yeves finds a way to focus his abilities on making amends with me and those he has done wrong. Until then I have faith that others will learn from my mistake and this TRUTH will reach them before they fall victim as well.

    • Amber at FMC says:

      Yeves Perez won an AMY with my work and told me about it 2 weeks later….
      Yeves is a scam artist. He wiggles is way into the lives of hard working entrepreneurs, successful business leaders, and develops false friendships in order to steal work or funds. I chose to take the high road so I have not come out about it until now… I maintained healthy relationships with all those I had met through Yeves, so I tried to see the bright side. It’s not that he attracts bad people, in fact he probably has a great network of amazingly talented people… he NEEDS them because he does not actually DO anything other than steal.

      Our story:
      The video my company Forward Motion Creative made for Chad White (a wonderful guy and excellent chef) was made for a web series which was to be sponsored by a tequila company (according to Yvese). After meeting with Chad, we came up with a great concept and executed (Yeves was just there.. as he always tries to be.. see he wants to be seen as involved, but the truth is he just gives the room a negative feeling (because he’s a con artist) and gets in the way. So we spent over 20 hours in preproduction, production and post. We worked fast and hard he wanted it in 2 days. He disappeared after the PopUp…no call, no text, no email.. nothing. I would say for nothing, but its wasn’t because Chad White is great and we were happy to Give the video to Chad for HIS use. Yeves submitted the video without any acknowledgment of our company, without even an email notifying us of the submission. WE created a video for CHAD WHITE not YEVES so why did he feel it was acceptable to SUBMIT our production for an award for himself? The AMY award (which you can see anywhere his name is twitter..etc) has been his favorite thing to share.

      He writes in his blog “I’m proud to announce to all our haters, friends, and family that #BigBikeGroup WON the AMA #AMY for #Advertising tonight!!!! I’d like thank especially thank @whoisjohnnyrook and Briana for winning this badboy! #sandiego #amyawards BTW- hey kids, don’t make excuses! Do #epic shit!!! #sustainability #swagsgents (at House of Blues San Diego)”

      • Nate Ritter says:

        Yeves Perez is so so sad. I’m sorry Amber, but thanks for speaking out. We need to continue to band together, link to this page, file claims against him whenever possible, and eventually put him behind bars. He needs to be stopped. He’s conned this community for too long.

      • Hi Amber! I’m so sorry to hear about this and I know you and your team created that awesome video and Yeves had NO RIGHT to take all of the credit for YOUR work! I’m in a similar situation where I developed and created the content for the online and social
        media channels for the Chef White “pop-up” campaign PLUS managed it all AND provided Yeves with all of the social media analytics. He didn’t do ANYTHING!!! What baffles me is that myself and another colleague contacted AMY and asked what their criteria was for selecting a winner and that I we had concerns that he won this award by submitting work that was not his. They did not respond to us and refuse to address the issue. I think it would be fair for our names and companies be recognized on the AMA AMY award website under this category and be given an award as well. It’s not right for Yeves to win this coveted award by lying and taking all of the credit. It is fraud!

      • Briana Taylor says:

        I’m so sorry Amber. I’m pretty peeved myself. He actually did name drop my husband and I in his tweets and still took money out of the mouths of my children. If it were up to me, I would hammer the shit out of him.

    • Nate Ritter says:

      @ramifications, Good for you for following up and filing a claim. Even if you don’t get your money back, at least that’s a mark on his official record, and it actually helps more than you think. His probation officer should be made aware of these things, and he should be put back in jail if people go through official routes like a few of us have.

      You have echoed what most of us feel and have experienced, and I’m truly sorry for what he’s done to you. I hope (and work toward the day) Yeves Perez is finally stopped and finally put in jail.

  10. Christina says:

    WOW!!! I met Yevez a month ago when I was downtown with my girlfriend, He approached us asking if we could help with a small photo shoot for a campaign he was doing at the bar down the street. It seemed legit and took no more then 30 minutes, after yevez asked what I did for a job, I told him I was a bartender and then he proceeded to ask if I would be interested in learning more about the ad marketing biz. I of course didn’t know any better and thought I was talking to the owner of a small ad agency and said yes I might be interested. I met with him a handfull of times and all he would do is talk and talk I felt a little overwhelmed with all the things he was telling me, asking myself why would he want a bartender with no background or knowledge in the biz and become an accounts manager for him and manage his existing clients. I thought it could be a great opportunity for me to try something different as far as work, and who knows maybe I can be successful in this biz. He said that he did a pop up restaurant for Chad White, and that he did the add campaign for the chevy volt, that he won an award for his campaign with Chad White and wanted to explore new avenues in the restaurant biz.. So I asked him for a employers contract and proceeded to meet with him a couple times a week as he told me all the restaurants he was pitching and that people were loving his idea of a surprise me meal at local restaurants, where chefs would pick 1 day a week where the chef would make something off the menu and surprise the customer if they asked for the suprise me.the restaurant would pay a 500 deposit and 99 a month and in return he would do a bunch of social media marketing ,bullshit,,I am more pissed that he tryed to involve me and have me pitch to these places and have me look like the scam artist, I had no idea!!!! I am so grateful that my friend who is an amazing chef looked into him and sent me this link. I am shocked .I hope that this helps before this happens to someone else.What a jERK!!!!

  11. I am a local entrepreneur that owns my own marketing consulting business and I worked with Yeves on 2 events and created the content for the social media campaigns for these events that were successful due to my content development and strategy. I created and developed the social media campaign for his most recent client, a local Chef/Restaurant Owner, and successfully marketed and promoted his last 2 pop-up dinners (April and May 2013) which catapulted ticket sales (his client personally thanked me and recognized me for my hard work, there is even a LinkedIn recommendation given to me by the chef to prove it) Yeves was extremely late in payment for my services for that campaign and another event I co-organized with him back in September 2012. I also brought in sponsors and sponsorship dollars for this particular event promoting the Chevy Volt. He was very unprofessional in his mannerisms for both of these campaigns. In addition, Yeves recently ran an Instagram photo contest promoting an event he organized a month ago and he still has not given the prize to the winner as promised. I feel that he purposely ran this contest with the intentions of scamming the contestants for free marketing and promotion for his company and the event. There have been other vendors that have not been paid for their services that I managed and Yeves refuses to pay them. Yeves does not have a business website for Big Bike Group and there is NO activity on his Facebook business page. Hmmm, this is someone who claims to be a social media expert.

    Yeves is making a mockery of our industry and taking advantage of good, hard-working, honest professionals. It is also a shock and a shame that he recently won an award for Best Ad Agency at the 2013 AMA AMY awards ceremony by submitting my work and taking the credit for it. I have not received any recognition or credit for my contributions that led him to winning this award. I can’t sit back and watch him scam and con innocent people any longer.

    Inga Intriago
    Marketing Intrigue

  12. I am sad to read all of these stories about Yeves Perez being a con artist. I recently was scammed by him into participating in a fake Instagram contest to gain publicity for his company, Big Bike Group. He used me for my time and connects to positively promote his business. Little did I know I was promoting a scam so I feel compelled to share my experience with anyone who many come into contact with him. He has no conscience whatsoever about stealing your money and wasting your time. He will compulsively lie in any situation. He agreed to meet up with me on 3 separate occasions and then came up with lies each time to cancel, then he eventually stopped responding to me at all..

    After getting scammed by him, I recalled a colleague telling me a few years ago about a man to stole money from her friend and embezzled even more money. I put the pieces together and realized, it was the same Yeves Perez that scammed my colleagues’ friend.

    I then came across this article: Embezzlement of SASC Funds by Yeves Perez

    I also discovered this site with dozens of others who have been scammed by him. It looks like he fell off the radar for a bit but now is right back at it, scamming his way into winning an AMA Amys Award for someone elses’ work he submitted!

    To anyone who comes across Perez, I hope you do a Google search on him, find this site and save your time and money!

  13. Jason Lopez says:

    This is so funny. I loaned him $5k for a real estate deal that went bad. Later I found out he borrowed $25k from my boss. I had him sign a promisorry note and know my boss sued him. He had no money. He did make an effort to pay me back and sent me a check for $100 here and $200 there. That lasted for about 6 months and then stopped all together. Ran into him one day at the UTC mall…Apple Store…and asked if he was spending my money! At least he got caught and now you know.

  14. Bob Bryant says:

    I built the original Eco Investment Club website as a “Partner” with Yeves.

    PARTNER mean’t “do all the work, while I get paid” ..

    Yeves promised the moon and at one point was given 10K which he did not share with me, but used for his wedding. Multiple times I asked for my share and never got it. Times were tough then and it would have gone a long way. Lots of promises, no action ever taken to repay me.

    I shut the site down shortly after my last demand for payment and considered it done.

    I finally told him I never wanted to run into him again and suggested he not cross my path.

    To this day I have received nothing other than promises, know nothing is coming, and that I was played by a con. I know better. Lesson learned.

    All this court and conviction info here was a HUGE surprise. (and I’m not unhappy.)

    By the way.. if any wants to be the proud owner of, it can be had for a song. 😉

    I still love green, but Yeves stained it a bit for me.

  15. Website says:

    Perez was given 3 years probation and ordered to pay restitution to the SASC and the court. Unfortunately it sounds like he is working behind the scenes a bit at Eco Hub, which is disappointing since they assured us that he was out of the picture.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what happened to these fraud charges? I am so hoping that he spent some time in jail!

  17. GreenScamWatch says:

    To answer the last poster it is said he is on several years probation. Including repaying the SASC, which I have heard he has not. You can find him on Twitter. He has been seen in San Diego, but when he spots a victim, he leaves the scene.

  18. Josh Gelfand says:

    I can’t believe I just learned about this blog and extensive issue with Yeves. I was scammed by him back in 2008-09, when he was just launching Eco Investment Club. He got me involved to help with his communications, web content, making a podcast, keynote speaking at the meetings, etc. Basically, he never paid. So I stopped working until I got paid. After months and many email exchanges, unreturned calls, etc, we worked out a “payment plan.” He did pay the first $200 of the approximately $1800 he owed me, but that was it. He just dragged me along after that until I finally just gave up. I threatened to sue, but realized the hassle wasn’t worth it, though now it might be. I figured I’m better off having this scammer out of my life than pursuing him so aggressively. At this point, I want to go back after him. I have a bunch of emails from him, basically saying the same thing this forum says. At least I know I wasn’t alone. Let me know if you want more info. I’d love to know what happened at his sentencing.

  19. GreenScamWatch says:

    Sorry to hear it ES. Yet another victim
    comes forward. You can find him easily online on FB, Twitter and his extensive new Google profile. Many are concerned he is lining up next victims as he meets people online to affiliate with and calls them his mentor, as he did with Bob Noble and others. If anybody has any press contacts this story is a cautionary tale about Green Crooks in the community. It might save others from being conned. And don’t feel bad. Con artists study thier victims and make just the right approach, without remorse. It’s thier fault not yours ES.

  20. ES says:

    unbelievable… I loaned him $5K for a business venture and have been trying to hunt him down. Would have LOVED to be at his sentencing. just finding out about this sight today. shame on me for trusting him… HARD lesson to swallow..

  21. GreenScamWatch says:

    Update. I heard that Perez was given 3 years probation and ordered to pay restitution to the SASC and the court. What actually was said to him by the court I do not know.

    You can follow his exciting rebirth-:) and hey, interact with him here on Twitter.!/frshprnzcleantc

    It’s something but I don’t hear about him making restituion or expressing regret, asking for forgiveness of all the victims.
    Hope this info helps heal some wounds however.

  22. Brandi says:

    does anyone know what his sentencing was that he had on Monday the 27th? It’d be great do know! 🙂

  23. GreenScamWatch says:

    I thought so too, but it seems the SASC lawyer gave a compelling victims statement on May 23. It seems the judge was quite interested. The final sentencing seems to be some time in June now. Not sure when.

  24. So angry says:

    @GreenScamWatch….sorry, but I am confused. I thought he was sentenced on Monday, May 23rd? Is not not correct? And if that is not the day, can you be sure to post it on here so that we all know?


  25. GreenScamWatch says:

    @ Nate, I think if you go back to the SASC statement on this website the contact for thier lawyer Ken Sobel is there. He may know the date. You can write to the Judge as so angry said above. May justice prevail.

  26. Nate Ritter says:

    @GreenScamWatch, thanks for the update and info. I’ll be watching, and I’ll be happy to talk to anyone who’s remotely involved with him to make sure everyone who talks to him knows how dirty he is. I wish I could have looked him in the eye. That would have been nice.

    I’ll be curious to know the exact date and time of the sentencing, as I think I’d like to be there for that one to smile at him when he gets it.

  27. GreenScamWatch says:

    @Nate, sure. I believe he is hyping Environmental Radio, as I know his style and friends say this is a project of the founders of the last company he was with. While he is departed from that place of business some wonder about his connections there. I believe if you google Yeves Perez you will
    see he was present at or trying to become connected to San Diego Tech Awards. This is born out again by watching some posts on FB. Are these groups in any way responsible for his actions? No.
    I heard that Ken Sobel gave an eloquent Victims statement with SASC, the victims here and others in mind. The judge took copious notes and Yeves was present to hear what he had done and how dastardly his actions were. So I hope this helps heal. Final sentence is in a month.

  28. Nate Ritter says:

    @GreenScamWatch – mind sharing the details of the radio program and tech awards? Could you be more specific. I’d love to be everywhere he is and tell everyone he talks to about him. Share the info you have please.

  29. GreenScamWatch says:

    I too have been informed that Perez sentencing is tomorrow Monday!
    The district attorney has informed me that the sentencing hearing will be tomorrow, Monday, May 23,at 1:30PM, in Dept 29 at the downtown courthouse.
    I see online it appears he is ramping up
    and getting next to a new green radio program, a San Diego tech awards effort and more. Those of us here who know his M.O. can see he is using his new gig to tee up and create a new image with unsuspecting folks.

  30. So angry says:

    Yeves is going to be sentenced on May 23. I am (fairly sure) that the address is 330 W Broadway # 1100 San Diego, CA 92101-3827, in Department 29 at 1:30. If you want to write a letter to the court, make it out to Honorable Eugenia Eyherabide. You can email the letter to, who is the District Attorney.

    I think it is extremely important that anyone with a claim/grievance against Yeves should write a letter to the judge. It shows that his behavior is a pattern so that the judge will have all the evidence when he sentences him. Can we possibly make a new update on this site, so that more people can find out about this?

  31. Nate Ritter says:

    Where do we send the letter? What judge? I’ll be happy to.

  32. So angry says:

    Wanted to let everyone know that Yeves Perez will be going to court for sentencing on May 23. If you have any type of grievance against this awful person, please write a letter to the judge, it will show that he has a pattern of taking advantage of others.

    PS. this a-hole called into “These Days” on KPBS two days ago to speak about sustainability. He is still out there trying to act like an authority!!!! Help spread the word on his dubious behavior.

  33. ohreally says:

    Word around town is that the DA prosecuted and Perez pleaded guilty to felony grand theft. He will be sentenced in May.

  34. What a DBAG. says:


    I’ve seen this guy around and attended a few meetings for the Eco Investment Group. Always seemed like a scammer rambling on and on about all the great things that were happening and how friggin green he was and on the cutting edge of everything.

    PALEASE – (not a typo). Seriously and then when the co working space thing launches he sends out a youtube video about all the incredible things that are happening which if you know anything about YEVES you know they are nothing but BS.

    Stay away from creepy mc creepster and his green cronies.

  35. Nate Ritter says:

    Funny. I just was forwarded the link to this site by a colleague of mine who knows our frustration with Yeves.

    We took him to court for an outstanding $3k invoice and he didn’t even bother to show, even though he was served the papers for the lawsuit right in front of everyone in his beloved venture. So by default, we also have a judgement against him too. I’d be happy to retell our story to anyone who wanted to hear it, and we’ll definitely be talking to the police and the attorney for the SASC considering they’re getting legal on him too.

    I’d love to take this guy down and visit him in jail sometime, just to take a photo… although, he’d probably have an excuse as to why he couldn’t make it to the visitation.

  36. Once worked for the Eco Investment Club says:

    Wow, I just stumbled onto this website, I wanted to see if the EIC was still failing. I’m very happy to see it it.

    I too once worked for Yeves Perez. The guy is a total JERK.
    At the beginning it was OK, and I got paid (just once). But after that he stopped paying me and demanded more work. I thought that the company was going through a hard time and decided to work a little more. He promised he would make it up to me. Then after a while I put my foot down and said I would not work any more until he paid me everything he owed me. At this point I met the REAL Yeves Perez. Since at that point his business was rather dependent on me things stated falling apart and he started sending me messages like the ones above, but he would always find an excuse or blame his failures on me.

    I am glad to see this site up to warn others. And I know that there are quite a few people he ripped off. I know that I was not the only one working with him on the EIC who never got paid, and was treated like scum.

  37. almost pissed my pants says:

    This guy is the biggest con artist, d bag I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Watching him talk ad nauseum about absolutely nothing was somewhat entertaining. What was even more astounding was the amount of people who bought into his bull shit.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like this guy is a piece of work. Thanks for sharing your painful story. I wish you continued success in your business. You might think it was an expensive lesson, but if you can overcome it, you’ll be a safer entrepreneur after it. Take care.

  39. K Kammerer says:

    Why would anyone loan any money to this guy?

  40. Fraud says:

    Thats why in Accounting 101 you always have two people handle the money. 1 to do the books, and 1 to count it.

    Also, he don’t even look trustworthy anyway. Try learning Chinese Face Reading

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